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Get a Winning Edge With Supreme Sheep Supplement, the Most Complete Vitamin and Mineral Supplement for Your Flock

Having had considerable success with horses, cattle and even dogs, Supreme Supplements has prepared a formula for sheep. The primary difference being that it has less copper than the equine supplement and has been balanced for use in flocks of all kinds.  It is prepared with all natural ingredients (click here for ingredients list) and qualifies for “grass fed” and “all natural” lamb designations. Initial testing has yielded the following observations:

  • Stronger, more vigorous lambs at birth
  • Fewer lambing problems
  • Rapid recovery/improvement in thin or poor doing ewes
  • Improved digestion and feed utilization
  • Significant reduction in use of de-worming medicine

There is nothing specifically added to the supplement that is designed to be a de-wormer. But, our research has yielded the following explanation. The micro mineral base that is used in formulation of the supplement comes from a mine in Nevada. This micro mineral base is made up primarily of pre-historic freshwater deposits of the exoskeletons of single celled marine creatures known as diatoms. Hence the base is very similar to diatomaceous earth, just not as pure with a broader spectrum of essential trace minerals.

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